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General waste, recycling of cardboard, paper, plastics, cans, one off waste collections and feminine hygiene bins.

We invest extensively in our systems and technology, ensuring our operations are efficient, professional and customer friendly.
We are proud to promise clear invoicing, exceptional client care and fair pricing, with no hidden charges, rentals or extra add-on fees.
Greenbottles is an independent service provider with over 15 years of experience in the waste industry, offering a ‘one-stop’ service.

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240 Litre
Height 1066mm
width 585mm
depth 730mm
360 Litre
Height 1100mm
width 680mm
depth 865mm
660 Litre
Height 1300mm
width 1260mm
depth 760mm
1100 Litre
Height 1330mm
width 1240mm
depth 1070mm
FEL (Front End Loader)
6yd: (4.6m3)
Height 1900mm / Length 1810mm
Length 2000mm8yd: (6.1m3) Height 2140mm
Length 2140mm / Length 2000mm
10yd: (2.12m3) Height 2120mm / Length 2150mm
Length 2020mm
* Other sizes available on request

FEL10 Yard (8.0m3) – General Waste
FEL10 Yard (8.0m3) – Mixed Recycling
FEL10 Yard (8.0m3) – Cardboard
FEL2 Yard (1.5 m3) – General Waste
FEL2 Yard (1.5 m3) – Cardboard
FEL4 Yard (3.1m3) – General Waste
FEL6 Yard (4.6m3) – General waste
FEL6 Yard (4.6m3) – Cardboard
FEL6 Yard (4.6m3) – Mixed Recycling
FEL8 Yard (6.1m3) – General Waste
FEL8 Yard (6.1m3) – Cardboard
FEL8 Yard (6.1m3) – Mixed Recycling

REL (Rear End Loader)
8yd: (6.1m3) Height 1500mm / Length 3260mm
Length 1680mm10yd: (7.6m3) Height 1680mm
Length 3700mm / Length 1680mm
12yd: (9.2m3) Height 1860mm / Length 3700mm / Length 1680mm
14yd: (10.7m3) Height 2000mm / Length 4200mm / Length 1680mm
16yd: (12.16m3) Height 2000mm / Length 4510mm / Length 1680mm
* Other sizes available on request

REL8 Yard (6.1m3) – General Waste
REL8 Yard (6.1m3) – Cardboard
REL8 Yard (6.1m3) – Mixed Recycling
REL10 Yard (7.7m3) – General Waste
EL10 Yard (7.7m3) – Cardboard
REL12 Yard (9.2m3) – General Waste
REL12 Yard (9.2m3) – Cardboard
REL14 Yard (10.7m3) – General Waste
REL14 Yard (10.7m3) – Cardboard
REL16 Yard (12.2m3) – General Waste